Mark Soileau, Systems Architect


Airlift for Java
Enterprise Java Framework for Rapid Application Development


Chief Architect and Project Lead for the Airlift for Java RAD framework. Utilized Object Oriented Analysis and Design practices, Universal Modeling Language, and visual tools such as MagicDraw UML, to architect a development framework which is both broad in industry applicability, and highly efficient, reusable and robust in its design. Applied Best Practices and proven Design Patterns to the architecture, implementation and testing phases of the Airlift project. Designed and implemented the Airlift Application Engine which provides a cached conversational state, fine-grained role-based security, triggered validation mechanisms and interfaces, full localization from language specific resources specified in XML, localizable logging support, schema-driven entities, collections, forms, and presentation model hierarchies. The application engine has pluggable interfaces to its adjoining Presentation and Service layers. Presentation layers include: 1) Browser-based presentations which can be specified in HTML, XSLT, or hierarchical composites of HTML/XSLT, 2) Rich-GUI presentations utilizing the Swing/JFC user interface API, and 3) XML-based presentations such as Web Services, WML, etc. Transactional services are pluggable into the application layer through a Service Delegate and can include EJB-based services, JDO-based transactions, JMS interfaces to services, the file-based "MetaDocument" support, and finally a "Test Harness/Service Simulator" which allows the Presentation and Application layers to be developed and tested in the absence of a running server. Utilized remote project management practices, teleconferencing, and internet-based tools, to lead a small distributed team in the development of an extensive framework in a short amount of time.

Airlift Group, Birmingham, AL, Nashville, TN

Mark Soileau, Project Lead / Architect
Ongoing project, Fall 2000 to present

J2EE Middleware Architect/Developer

Java2 Enterprise Edition/EJB/XML/Web Logic/IPlanet Application Server/Log 4J/Servlets/Oracle 8i

Developer, Architectural Consultant, and Technical Lead for the development of Common Business Services (CBS) middleware for use throughout the BellSouth customer service intranet.  Designed, coded and tested development frameworks, design/coding standards, and best practice implementations to enable the rapid development of robust J2EE business service components.  Worked with interfaces to legacy systems, developed logging APIs and utilities, legacy adapter components, and built servlets and Swing GUIs for performance and other testing, and provided mentoring and consultative design assistance to other CBS organization members. Developed, tested and published standard procedures for developing and deploying Common Business Services to various J2EE applications servers.

BellSouth, Common Business Services Organization, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA

Kathy Fox, Steve Klein, Joe Duffey, 
Fall 2000 to Summer 2001

Distributed Application Framework

Web Centric, Feature Rich


Chief Architect and Development Team Leader for Actek's 100% Java Application Development Framework. The framework provides an end-to-end toolkit for developing distributed N-tier GUI applications and web-based applets. Server-side functionality includes entity caching, data validation, object persistence, transactional support with optional auditing, connection pool management, multi-lingual resource caching, session management, user authentication, publish-and-subscribe messaging technology including updated entity notification, application server management utilities, weighted event logging, paged asynchronous result spooling, etc. Client-side tools include pluggable validators, asynchronous transactions, localization support at user level, data-aware widgets and panels including dynamically expanding entity trees, multi-server management console, etc. Utilized Java 2 Platform, JBuilder 3, Apache Web Server, Swing, RMI, HTML, Servlets, etc.

Actek, Inc., Birmingham, AL

Mark Kajdos, President

Survey Management and Delivery Application
Web Based

Designed and implemented a SurveyManager interface and server-side COM objects using Visual C++. Integrated the SurveyManager into web-based administrative and customer interfaces using HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Microsoft's IIS and Active Server Pages dynamic content web-server technology.

Group 8760, LLC, Birmingham, AL
Eric Vickery, Kate Fiedler
Spring 2000

Intranet Customer Support Applications
Applet Based/N-Tier

Analyst, designer, and developer for an in-house customer support application. Developed an application server architecture which provides persistent business objects, connection pool management, performance reporting, parameterized object-relational mapping, support for JDBC access, CICS transactions, logging, etc. Designed and implemented an image compositing architecture for viewing online IDCards. Utilized Java 1.1/1.2 development tools including JBuilder, JDK, Swing, Java 2D API, etc.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Mark Guthrie, Blanche Montgomery

Graphical Power Network Analyzer
N-Tier Intranet Development Project

Analyst, lead designer, and developer for an in-house power network analyzer. Worked with Java-based 2D graphic toolkit, Visual Café 2.0, Symantec DBAnywhere, JDK 1.1, RMI, etc.

Southern Company, Power Control Center, Birmingham, AL
Richard Greene

Corporate Framework Development
3-Tier Architecture

Principal researcher, lead designer, and team leader for a project to migrate an existing client server business application to a 3-tier application using Intranet and Distributed Object technologies. Worked with various Java 1.0.2 development tools, Visigenic’s VisiBroker for Java, WebLogic T3, JDBC, RMI, etc.

Revere Inc., Birmingham, AL
Mark Kajdos, Chief Scientist

Focal Point Decision Support System
Client Server Development

Lead designer and team leader for CSC Healthcare’s Focal Point EIS product. Designed and developed the EIS module, a 32-bit Windows MDI application which provides healthcare executives with multidimensional graphical/spreadsheet views of summarized warehouse data. Utilized ODBC, dynamic SQL, graphics toolkits, serialization, structured exception handling, and Document/View design, to produce a robust and highly successful decision support product.

CSC Healthcare Systems, Farmington Hills, MI
Chandana Kathuria, Dave Reese

Interactive Video Authoring Tool
Windows Multimedia Development

Chief researcher and lead developer for a startup company specializing in multimedia development and authoring tools. Utilized C++, MPEG development tools, Win32, and specialized hardware to develop a prototype authoring system for Interactive Video Authoring.

Element 109, Birmingham, AL
Noel Gartman, President

Multimedia Component System
Windows Audio Visual Development
C/Windows SDK

Developed in-house development tools for Animotion’s MCS Stereo product. Utilized C and the Windows SDK to develop visual custom control libraries, hardware drivers, and other support DLLs.

Animotion Graphics, Birmingham, AL
Tom Baggett, Eric Vickery (now at Group 8760, LLC)

Multiuser School Administration Product
System V-Based Application
And Development Toolkit

Designed, developed, installed, and supported the Adminix student information management system. Using C, developed proprietary student scheduling algorithms using a highly successful heuristic approach. Developed a "VSAM-like" indexed file systems for use on any System V platform, based on balanced B+ trees. Performed all R&D as well as some sales, documentation development, on site and telephone support, etc.

RiverTree Systems, President
Clients: Various schools and school systems in the southeast.

OS Level Programming
Various Product Developments

Developed in Z80 assembler, an extensive adventure game which was operating system independent, providing its own system software (bootstrap, keyboard and display system, I/O, custom file system, specialized disk formatting, etc.) Developed school administration and small company billing systems using Applesoft and TRS-80 BASIC and some assembler.

Personal and Commercial Projects
1979-83 (high school)


Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, Auburn University, 1989


Acoustic Guitar, Photography, Backpacking, Electronics, Whitewater.