Airlift Framework News
  • September 2005:

    A tutorial on Airlift UML Converter, Model Driven Architecture, application layer code and integration with Hibernate.

    Read the MDA and UML Converter tutorial in HTML and other formats. Other versions (MS Word, OpenOffice), including a complete Eclipse workspace with the tutorial examples are available in this direcory.

  • May 2005:

    Airlift Technology Overview available.

    Read the Technology Overview in PDF.

  • May 2004:

    Second client using the Airlift Framework.


  • January 2004:

    Another client using the Airlift Framework.


  • November 2003:

    Adding Hibernate support.

    Decision to start adding Hibernate support to range of Airlift tools: the UML Entity converter, and Transactional layer.

  • April 2002:

    Airlift Group presented Airlift for Java application development framework in Nashville.

    On April 8th the Eric Vickery, Mark Soileau, Milan Zimmermann from the Airlift Group presented the Airlift for Java development framework to participants in the Nashville area Middle Tennessee Java User's Group. The presentation was held at the Athena Learning Center between 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This was the first public demonstration of the Airlift Framework, and the entire Airlift Team was in attendance. Both the Swing and HTML presentation layers were demonstrated running on top of the same business logic with examples of Validating Triggers running in the Application Layer. A lot of positive feedback was generated.

  • March 2002:

    Airlift Enumerate presentation.

    Older Airlift Enumerate presentation.